CEO’s Message

Al Hodaifi Group takes pride in its successful history, and one built on years of accomplishments. It has been our strong mission to ensure that we at Al Hodaifi Group strive for better and play a crucial role in Qatar’s future successes.

We are a dynamic and modern corporation, dedicated to providing world class products and services, acquire competent staff and utilize latest technology and innovations to constantly improve our businesses and services.

We comprehend the fact that Qatar deserves nothing but the best and we consider this responsibility to be of the utmost significance.

We meet our objectives by dedicating ourselves to achieving the highest standard of products and service quality, improved customer relationships, adaptation to market dynamics and our determination to provide the best value to all our customers.

Over the years, we have expanded the spectrum of our portfolio by diligently capitalizing in successful business ventures. As an entity, we invest not only in companies but also in its core values which has been the basis of our corporate viewpoint.

We will continue collaborating with all our stakeholders to ensure the sustainable growth that is achieved through modernization, innovation and an inspiring atmosphere for our team.

Hamad Ghanim Al Hodaifi