About Us

Al Hodaifi Group, established in 1975, is one of Qatar’s leading organizations that has successfully grown in line with the economic growth experienced by Qatar under the guidance of leadership.

The Chairman of Al Hodaifi Group His Excellency Ghanim Sultan Al-Hodaifi, is an innovative and resolute entrepreneur who has taken the organization to successful heights across all sectors in which the organization operates.

With a 30 companies prospering under its umbrella, Al Hodaifi Group operates through many sectors: Construction, Oil and Gas, Trade, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Consumables, Agriculture, Information Technology, Services, Industrial Activities, and Project Consultancy are sectors in which Al Hodaifi Group has built a formidable credibility.

In its long and successful journey of constant evolution and expansion, Al Hodaifi Group developed into a significant Qatari Business Group and continues to move forward through diversified investment in projects that extend not only regionally but also international.


We dedicate ourselves towards building a forward thinking and differentiated organization aiming to maximize stakeholders’ value by continuously enhancing our corporate performance, delivering healthy results and achieving sustainable growth. We provide a wide range of quality products and services at affordable prices and thus commit ourselves to the welfare of our customers, our channel partners and society at large.

We aim to continue nurturing our strong belief in expertise, experience, highest ethical standards in all aspects of our business and corporate social responsibility while maintaining a healthy work and life balance.


Our vision is to be known as a distinguished, well-respected, progressive and performance driven organization that enjoys leadership positions in every business we associate with. Our vision intersects with the vision of Qatar, that has a broad outlook of a flourishing financial order and excellence in every action, complimented by clarity, reliability, and innovation.